Primordial Sound Meditation
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"I'm continuing to meditate 2x per day. I know the meditation has made my daily living much more rewarding. It seems to me that there's a deeper sense of awareness of my thoughts and behavior which allows me to live better. Thank you for being such a wonderful guide!"
--M.H., Administrator

"I had no idea how powerful meditation is! I look forward to seeing it unfold in my life. I am totally committed to meditating twice a day every day from now on."
Maggie Chambers, Reiki Master

"Through the practice of meditation I am more aware of myself and my work, more sure of my purpose and direction. The simplicity and depth of this technique make Primordial Sound Meditation an invaluable part of my journey of self discovery."

-- Jacqueline Quesnel, Nurse

"When I was meditating for the first time, it was a little boring except for the time when I was flying through the clouds."

-- Melissa Gambino, 9 years old